Book Reviews

Donovan Colquitt — "Thank you so much for writing such beautiful words of wisdom for young women of color who aspire to conquer the corporate world and so much more! As a black, male engineer, the messages throughout the book resonated with my own experiences. You conveyed advice that many young professionals need to hear, regardless of their background.


I’m glad to have read this book and learned more about the author’s experiences. Paige is an outstanding individual, role model, and community builder. She is a shining example of a young woman of color who leads life on her terms.


I am happy to recommend this book to my friends, family, and anyone aiming to navigate the corporate world with a command!"

La'Tisha Perry — "I love the transparency of this book and how relatable it is for any woman of color working in corporate America. Her thoughts are well organized and explained and I appreciate her for sharing her experiences. There are many “take aways” in this book and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!"

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